Distance Night Extends Partnership with Running Iron Performance

Palatine cross country first began a relationship with Dr. Michael Davenport when he opened a small office on Quentin Road in Palatine in 2004. From those humble beginnings, Dr. Davenport has built lasting relationships in our community. More specifically, he has become a go-to care provider for so many coaches and athletes in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He has extended from his early base of work with the Prospect, Hersey, Palatine, and Fremd teams to consult athletes in all disciplines and of all ages.

In 2017, Dr. Davenport moved closer to his dream of being a full performance consultant by expanding his space and the reach of his business. In his words, "Running Iron Performance developed from the former Davenport Chiropractic Wellness Center in Arlington Heights during the past two years.  The idea was to bring clients and patients from a pain relief paradigm to a performance based system where we comprehensively assess functional movement patterns and use such techniques as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Reflective Performance Rest (RPR), Active Release (ART). Additional services for our athletes include the measurement of lactate and aerobic threshold with program integration focusing on speed, power and strength.  Our goal is to provide a fully integrated Functional Healthcare System that will optimize your performance."

For years, I have searched not only for a care provider that I could work with as an athlete, but also for one who understood the unique demands of avid, young endurance athletes. Dr. Davenport and his staff bring not just clinical expertise, but competitive understanding. Dr. D has completed eight Ironman Triathlons, countless marathons, and more ultramarathons than I can count. He understands young people that train on the outer limits because he is that same type of striver. His ability to offer holistic advice - physical, mental, kinesthetic, and nutritional - has been a vital piece of the success of so many Mid-Suburban League athletes. We are happy to extend this long-term partnership and hope that some of you will get to know him better and find as much value in his services as I do.

He and his crew will be located in the center of the football field during Distance Night so stop in and introduce yourselves!

Chris Quick

Distance Night in Palatine - Meet Director